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SkinCare Physicians’ service culture sets our dermatology practice apart

Published on Mar 28th, 2019 by Beth Hartigan

We hear about culture, read about it, and strive to somehow capture it. But what exactly is it? Is it worth our focus? Does culture really matter? At SkinCare Physicians the response is a resounding yes! And the cornerstone of our dermatology practice’s service culture is our CARE for both patients and employees. Our culture Our physician founders and original management leaders established the ideals for which we strive and initiated SkinCare Physicians’ early culture. Over time, we designed and developed behavioral standards, customer service concepts, employee hiring and training programs consistent with our core values, and our culture of … Continue reading »

SkinCare Physicians – Not an ordinary dermatology practice

Published on Jul 16th, 2018 by Thomas Rohrer

SkinCare Physicians is not your ordinary dermatology practice.  It is one of the leading academic dermatology institutions in the country.  Our physicians actually produce more publications than the majority of the university based dermatology programs around the country.  Over the past four years alone, our board-certified dermatologists have published well over 100 manuscripts, 40 textbook chapters, and given more than 270 lectures around the country and internationally.  They have also been the editors of 10 textbooks and serve as associate editors to several of the most prestigious journals in dermatology and dermatologic surgery.  Furthermore, SkinCare Physicians’ research department runs 10 … Continue reading »

Meet Stefania, Registered Nurse at SkinCare Physicians

Published on Jan 23rd, 2018 by Maureen Teahan

Specialty procedures: Body sculpting, skin tightening, hyperhidrosis, laser hair removal and Remicade infusions. She also assists in Mohs surgery. Stefania is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has been working at SkinCare Physicians, a dermatology practice near Boston, for over 5 years. As a member of the Dermatology Nurses Association, she understands the value of continued education in providing optimal care to our patients. Stefania enjoys educating patients and staff to ensure the highest quality of care; she coordinates monthly educational in-services for the clinical staff. With two other colleagues, she conducted a study on … Continue reading »

Meet Melissa, Registered Nurse

Published on Nov 14th, 2017 by Maureen Teahan

Specialty procedures: Coolsculpting, Infini, Thermage, miraDry and laser hair removal Melissa has been a registered nurse at Skincare Physicians for over 7 years. During this time she has worked side by side with our physicians, gaining excellent knowledge of both general and cosmetic dermatology, and developing a deep understanding of the natural aging process of the face and the body. Melissa is a 2015 graduate of Coolsculpting University where she further advanced her skills and perfected body sculpting techniques to better serve our patients. She has also received specialized training in Infini, Thermage, miraDry and laser hair removal. When she … Continue reading »

Embracing Electronic Medical Record at SkinCare Physicians

Published on Oct 5th, 2017 by Robin Travers

Careful medical record keeping is one of the essential aspects of delivering good medical care. When SkinCare Physicians opened its doors in 2000, we saw patients and recorded our visits in an old-fashioned paper chart.  By 2008, we had transitioned to an electronic charting system that involved scanning the paper records of our patients.  We still wrote in our charts as we always did, but these sheets of paper were securely scanned into a system that allowed improved tracking and management.  And now, in 2017, we are moving to a truly electronic medical record (EMR)! During your future visits, you will … Continue reading »

Meet Sheila, Registered Nurse and Laser Safety Officer

Published on Jun 22nd, 2017 by Maureen Teahan

Sheila is a registered nurse who has been a member of the SkinCare Physicians family for 4 years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UMass Amherst, then worked for several years as a nurse at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Over the past few years, Sheila has received specialized training in CoolSculpting, Thermage, Infini, miraDry and laser hair removal. Not only does she love learning, she also enjoys sharing her knowledge. Earlier this year, she presented the results from the miraDry Quality Improvement Project, a study she conducted with two other SkinCare Physicians nurses. In addition to … Continue reading »

Meet Colleen, a Registered Nurse with a love for learning and education

Published on May 30th, 2017 by Maureen Teahan

Colleen is a Registered Nurse with nearly 20 years of experience. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Fairfield University, then worked for several years as a nurse in the acute care hospital setting. Colleen entered the world of dermatology and cosmetics in 2007, when she joined SkinCare Physicians. She is an active member of the Dermatology Nurses Association (DNA). At SkinCare Physicians, Colleen assisted in pioneering the CoolSculpting program. She was one of the first nurses to attend CoolSculpting University and she continues to receive specialized training in body sculpting on a regular basis. Colleen also has extensive … Continue reading »

Meet Kerry, Registered Nurse

Published on Apr 11th, 2017 by Maureen Teahan

Kerry is a registered nurse experienced in dermatology who has been at SkinCare Physicians for 3 years. She specializes in the delivery of several treatments including body sculpting and skin tightening procedures. Kerry perfected her body sculpting skills at CoolSculpting University and received specific training in the Thermage and miraDry procedures. She also has a passion for dermatology surgery with a particular interest in Mohs micrographic surgery. Specialty procedures: Body sculpting and skin tightening Kerry’s favorite part about working at SkinCare Physicians: The PEOPLE! Kerry is grateful to work with an amazing team of staff and physicians who truly care for … Continue reading »

Meet April, Registered Nurse

Published on Mar 10th, 2017 by Maureen Teahan

April has worked at SkinCare Physicians for over 11 years. She is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to her patients. April has received specialized training from CoolSculpting, Thermage, miraDry, Lutronic (Infini) & Candela. She blends a wealth of experience with an ongoing commitment to perfecting her techniques which heightens the quality of nursing services provided at SkinCare Physicians. Specialty procedures: Body sculpting, skin tightening, hyperhidrosis & laser hair removal April’s favorite part about working at SkinCare Physicians: The variety of procedures the practice continues to provide to its patients and her flexible schedule which enables her to offer … Continue reading »

The Blade & Light Society’s Mentor Award: A fascinating story

Published on Dec 1st, 2015 by Kenneth Arndt

SkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Kenneth A. Arndt received the Blade & Light Society’s 2015 Mentor of the Year Award, a tribute to his love of teaching and his life-long commitment to learning. With his curious mind, Dr. Arndt could not help but ask Dr. Murad Alam about the origin of the impressive cast bronze sculpture he received. It turned out to be a fascinating story! The Cathédral sculpture from Rodin (la Cathédral) inspired Dr. Alam, one of the founders of the Society, to use hands in the trophy given their importance in surgery. He observed that using hands from two different … Continue reading »

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