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Here are just a few of the many glowing testimonials we have received from Boston area dermatology patients:


Dr. Rohrer did a wonderful job with my facial Mohs surgery ~ both the surgery and his follow-up appointments were easy to arrange, well-managed and offered great patient support. The scar is nearly invisible, a testament to his skill!!

No wait, the doctor listened to my concerns and took me seriously and set up a plan to monitor my skins healing progress. I was taken on time, not rushed — overall it was efficient.

– SB, Massachusetts

The desk staff has been very helpful. Dr Morton is treating me for a keratosis. As this was my second visit, she was right on track with her original diagnosis and likely outcomes. She was prompt, efficient and showed concern.

– DD, Massachusetts

Every physician, nurse, PA, and administrative staffer at this practice is terrific. They treat me as an individual and not just another patient.

Dr. Travers is a warm and outstanding physician. So knowledgeable and clear with her explanations, she has a great understanding and empathy for being a patient. A very rare quality! I learn something about my care each visit, and that makes me feel happy when I leave. Thank Dr. Travers!

– SD, Massachusetts

Dear Dr. Arndt, Dr. Rohrer, Peter, the fellow, the nurses, and the front desk friendly lady, my husband and I recently shared an experience at your office: Mohs surgeries a week apart. Each of you made the cutting edge operation as pleasant as possible and the outcome, we hope, as efficacious as possible. While it might not be the romantic package most would sign up for, we are grateful that our skin cancers were detected and excised, giving us hope for many more – perhaps different – romantic experiences together. With thanks.

– J and R, Massachusetts

Kelly and Meredith both promised me that I’d be acne-free within months; I first started seeing both of them in late December. I have seen Meredith three times for medical facials and I am nearly acne-free now! These two listened to my skin concerns, empathized with me about how embarrassing and anxious-making bad skin can be, and have been so attentive about how I’ve been dealing with treatment. I love them both – their work has changed my life and how I feel about myself!

– JS, Massachusetts

My experience at Skincare Physicians has been exceptional on three levels: communication, customer service and dermatology care. 1/ The nurses always communicate to me about needing new referrals ahead of my visit. 2/ The staff at the front desk is exceptional. Loretta goes the extra mile by calling the billing department to solve any issue. 3/ Dr. Travers is excellent beyond beliefs. My skin is now cleared, acne free and my confidence restored thanks to her expertise.

– MS, Massachusetts

If you want to be impressed by a medical facility, visit here! The doctors, the nurses, the financial team, and the scheduling team is beyond awesome. Not only does the staff cater to your needs, they do it in such a professional and friendly way that it leaves you smiling. I’ve been to many doctor facilities in my day, and I can’t say I’ve ever trusted anyone as much as these people. I promise that you will be in, not good, but great hands at this location. Thank you for helping me!

– Aaron, Massachusetts

I was in to see Dr. Arndt today and I have to tell you how stellar your entire team really is. From the nurses who reassured me to the doctors who patiently answered my many questions (it was my first time with any sort of fillers) and then expertly applied the injections, I was extremely impressed. The results are outstanding — perfectly natural and yet very visible to me. Thanks SkinCare Physicians team!

– Amy, Massachusetts

If Dr. Dover had told me that I would look this phenomenal 6 months ago, I would not have believed it. I was dealing with phytophotodermatitis from weed whacking wild parsnip. I am experiencing a miracle! Dr. Dover’s talented hands are a given. After all, he has treated me for 20 years now. What was so amazing about my last two appointments was the manner in which Peter and Vianka fit me in at the spur of the moment. Both were so polite, kind and reassuring! Not your average response by any means.

– Linda, Vermont

Dr. Kane is amazing. I’ve been to several dermatologists in various states prior to moving to Massachusetts, and Dr. Kane is one of the few who genuinely listen to my concerns and create a plan that is aggressive enough to keep me content in my battle against acne. I’m so happy I stumbled upon SkinCare Physicians when I moved to Boston — it’s been a great experience!

– Grace, Massachusetts

When I was home in Boston a few months ago, Dr. Sobell prescribed a medication to treat my Melasma. I’ve been suffering with these markings since 2006, and had resigned myself to having to wear a lot of make up to cover it all up at our wedding, coming up in February. Because I can’t be there for a follow up appointment, I wanted to be sure to send these photos. Just like Dr. Sobell effectively cured my hormonal acne nearly 10 years ago, he’s done it again! I’d be hugging him in person if I could. Even the cosmetic end of what you all do makes such a difference, especially for women. Thank you so much for nearly a decade of exceptional dermatological care. I wouldn’t see anyone else–even if I have to fly 3,000 miles for my appointments with Dr. Sobell.

– KK, Oregon

Before & After Photos of Melasma Treatment

Before melasma treatment of chin After Melasma treatment
Before After treatment
Before melasma treatment of forehead After Melasma treatment
Before After treatment

Seeing Dr. Kim, is like visiting a good friend who happens to be a great doctor. She is always so friendly and caring. I first met Dr. Kim when I had to have basal cancer removed from my nose in a MOHS procedure. Being 38 years old and picturing the worst, this was terrifying but she did such a great job and with follow up lasers, you can hardly tell. I now go to her for skin checks and all my skin care needs. Dr. Kim is phenomenal and I highly recommend her!

– MC, Massachusetts

Dr. Robinson was excellent, I was so impressed with her. I felt like she truly listened to me, cared about me and she made me feel really comfortable. She was extremely professional, knowledgable and very friendly. I also really appreciated that she took time with me- I never felt rushed at all. I’m thrilled I found her! I was also really impressed with the office staff- they were so helpful and friendly!

– CV, Massachusetts

Dr. Arndt, I’d like to express my extreme appreciation for a wonderful first visit with your practice this morning. I met with Dr. Robinson for a skin-tag removal and had an absolutely pleasant experience the minute I walked into the office. Your staff was truly warm and professional and I’m truly thankful for that!

– SD, Massachusetts

Dear Dr. Travers: I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding treatment I received from you and your staff for my case of alopecia. When the condition first developed, I was devastated… Due to your care and recommendations, the alopecia is gone, my hair has grown in fully, and I’ve been off the cyclosporine for a couple of months. Words cannot express my gratitude.

– RP, Massachusetts

I am thrilled with the results Dr. Kaminer achieved with Restylane to fill in the “marionette lines” around my mouth on my recent visit. Dr. Kaminer’s skill is without equal! Thanks to Dr. Kaminer I look years younger and no longer have that very unattractive downturned mouth look. In addition, Dr. Kaminer is extremely caring and personable. Thank you SkinCare Physicians!

– JL, Cape Cod

Dr. Sobell said to me “Let me heal your skin” and he did! I have been outbreak-free since my last appointment (2 months). This is the first time in years that my skin has been clear. Thanks to the Doctors and Staff at SCP.

– BD, New Bedford, MA

Excellent Greetings – Personal phone calls for reminders and listening professionals plus my medical problem is resolved after 40 years.

– RF, Brockton, MA

I really enjoy and appreciate the doctors and Dr. Kim’s kindness. She has helped me out so much. I would recommend this office any day.

– MC, Canton, MA

You guys are the best. I have been a patient at SCP for 4 years. All of the physicians are professional and truly take the extra effort to care about my health. The office staff is second to none. Daniel and his team are always professional and courteous. The physicians and staff at SCP are incredible. I always feel that the practice cares about my health and the staff always “go the extra mile” to make me well. Daniel always makes sure that my appointments fit into my hectic schedule. The physicians and PA’s are professional and unlike any other office I have seen in Metro Boston. I highly recommend SCP to anyone who is looking for dermatologic care. Thank you so much for having me as a patient.

– BZ

SkinCare Physicians make it easy to be keen on them.

I have been a client for several years and have always enjoyed a positive experience and result. I began my relationship with Dr. Kaminer whom I find to be exceptionally skilled and very caring. Thanks to him I look and feel incredible!

I recently began a series of skin care treatments in their aesthetics department. I was skeptical because in the past when seeking skin care, I always felt the aesthetician was focused more on how many products she could sell me. Not at SCP aesthetics department. I have built a wonderful and nurturing relationship with “Eileen”- aesthetician extraordinaire! She is not only an expert and very professional (I would expect no less at SCP), she truly loves what she does and boy does it show! I love the fact that she lets me try a sample of products before I purchase and actually discusses the result. She listens to me and really hears me, she asks lots of questions to clarify and all her recommendations have been a success for me.

Love them all!

– KW

Dr. Phillips is a SUPERB physician! She kept us informed in a timely manner and follow-up was

– AN

I am always confident when coming to SCP because of the doctors’ and staffs’ knowledge of cutting edge technology, willingness to offer suggestions for skin improvement, and great care and concern for each patient.

– MZ, Bedford, NH

Definitely rejuvenating, revitalizing, and uplifting! Professional and support staff are experts in their fields, warm, caring, and interested in you as an individual. You are more than just a patient. You’re a friend. What a great feeling.

– JB, Wilmington, North Carolina

The staff at SCP is highly professional and informative. I like to think of them as my SkinCare consultants.

– AW, Natick, MA

I have been coming to SCP for years and I feel completely satisfied with the professionals that work there. Kelly Collins is a doctor I have been seeing lately and she is not only extremely professional but a person I feel extremely comfortable talking about my skin issues with. I love SCP and am extremely thankful they exist!

– DN, Boston, MA

The professionalism and compassion of this office is exceptional. They respect and listen to me. Dr. Travers puts me at ease and is reassuring. I believe my skin care is in capable hands @ SCP

– MH, Marblehead, MA

The staff is always pleasant and takes good care of the clients. Dr. Sobell is always upbeat and encouraging.

– PT, Blackstone, MA

Dr. Kim takes such good care of me. I owe the significant improvements in my skin to her! She always thoroughly answers my questions and explains treatment options. I would (and have) highly recommended Dr. Kim to all of my friends!

– JB, Roslindale, MA

Dr. Kaminer is a genius. My ears are perfect like brand new. Thanks so much.

– PA, Cambridge, MA

Dr. Michael Kaminer is superb! He explains everything, takes his time with you, addresses your questions thoroughly and his results are amazing, natural, beautiful, and long lasting.

– Anonymous, Newton, MA

It was an uplifting experience to visit a physicians group that was not only efficient and caring, but “sparkled” which enhanced my comfort zone both personally and medically.

– BS, Chestnut Hill, MA

Dr. Arndt is superb-extremely well qualified and a nice person.

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