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SkinCare Physicians Blog offers insights on the latest in medical and surgical dermatology, cosmetic and laser medicine, as well as aesthetics. All of our internationally recognized physicians and some members of our staff contribute to the Skincare Physicians Blog.

The ‘Botox’ effects: More than just skin-deep

Published on Aug 30th, 2019 by Thomas Rohrer

There is good scientific research now that supports the fact that neuromodulators such as BOTOX, Dysport, Jeuveau, and Xeomin, do more than just improve our looks. Neuromodulators can actually increase our feelings of happiness. While this may just seem as a result of looking better and feeling better about ourselves after having the treatment, it actually goes much deeper. SkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Thomas Rohrer explains why. There is certainly a lot of benefits from looking better after having a neuromodulator procedure. Lines between the eyebrows melt away and people do not look as if they are scowling and therefore may … Continue reading »

Bothered by an itchy scalp? Understand the cause to know how to relieve it

Published on Aug 15th, 2019 by Laurel Morton

Itch can be a persistent, annoying problem for many patients. Itchy scalp can be particularly troublesome and is sometimes accompanied with dandruff, a rash or even open sores. By understanding the most common causes of itchy scalp and possible treatments, you will be able to determine if you might start relieving your itch with over-the-counter products or if you should see your doctor for a consultation. What makes my scalp itchy? If you think about it, scalp skin is very different from skin on other parts of the body. It holds many thick hair follicles and where hair follicles grow, … Continue reading »

Dr. Kaminer on the latest in cellulite treatments

Published on Aug 3rd, 2019 by Michael Kaminer

Frustrated with cellulite? Those dimples and ridges on the buttocks and thighs affect up to 95% of women (men rarely get cellulite). For many years cellulite was nearly impossible to treat, but that all changed in 2015 with the introduction of Cellfina. SkinCare Physicians’ team of internationally known dermatologists has been central to the development of Cellfina, and has continued to be actively involved in developing the next generation of cellulite treatments. Today, two new promising cellulite treatments, CCH and Soliton, are just around the corner. Cellfina: A minimally invasive cellulite treatment Cellfina is a minimally invasive cellulite treatment that … Continue reading »

Novel therapy takes clearance of psoriasis to new heights

Published on Jun 13th, 2019 by Jeffrey Sobell

Over the last 2 decades, SkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Jeff Sobell has experienced a progression in innovative therapies for psoriasis. Now, with the recent approval of Skyrizi (rizankizumab-rkaa), a biologic indicated for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, this progress continues. Skyrizi belongs to an exciting new class of medications called IL-23 inhibitors. These medications, given by subcutaneous injection, have gained in popularity as they offer patients the chance for high efficacy with favorable tolerability. In clinical trials with Skyrizi, the average patient’s psoriasis improved by over 50% after 1 dose, and over 90% after 2 doses. At one year after … Continue reading »

truSculpt iD: A versatile, quick and painless approach to non-surgical fat reduction

Published on May 30th, 2019 by Jeffrey Dover

Close to 10 years ago CoolSculpting by Zeltiq revolutionized our approach to body contouring, using a controlled form of cooling to selectively and permanently reduce unwanted areas of local fat. Today, truSculpt iD by Cutera adds a new non-surgical fat reduction procedure to our dermatologists’ toolbox. truSculpt iD is an innovative technique, recently approved by the FDA, that uses radiofrequency to permanently reduce fat. Instead of the selective cold fat damage produced by CoolSculpting, the radiofrequency used by truSculpt iD converts to heat, permanently melting fat in localized areas. Here are the main benefits of the procedure: Tailored: Because of … Continue reading »

Five different forms of sun poisoning and their symptoms

Published on May 16th, 2019 by Robin Travers

Extended, unprotected exposure to the sun can harm the skin for a myriad of reasons such as skin cancer and aging, but photodermatoses, or “sun poisoning”, is a slightly less common but still dangerous effect of sun exposure.  Many patients use the term “sun poisoning”, but what does it really mean? We asked dermatologist Dr. Robin Travers to explain the skin condition and its symptoms. Sun Poisoning Variations Sun poisoning is similar to severe sunburn, which can lead to patient confusion if symptoms go beyond those they may usually get from a day in the sun. Here are five different … Continue reading »

Can diet affect acne?

Published on Apr 25th, 2019 by Tania Phillips

Many of our patients at SkinCare Physicians ask if they should change their diet to help improve their acne. Fortunately, there have been many studies looking at possible links between diet and acne. SkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Tania Phillips sheds some light on which foods to avoid and which foods can help. Foods to avoid High glycemic foods – sugar, white bread, white pasta, and other simple carbohydrates: A study published in July 2018 in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that diets containing a lot of foods with a high glycemic foods were strongly linked to acne. … Continue reading »

PicoToning: One laser to improve skin tone and texture with minimal down time

Published on Apr 11th, 2019 by Laurel Morton

Improving skin color and texture is an important goal for many of our patients, including those who cannot afford to have much down time after a laser procedure. But, can one laser really improve both skin discoloration and texture with minimal down time? The answer is YES and the treatment is called PicoToning. What can PicoToning accomplish? With the specialized Focus Array setting on the PicoSure laser, one device can target multiple cosmetic concerns utilizing gentle pressure on a cellular level. This treatment improves the appearance of sun damage and brown age spots by breaking up pigment. At the same … Continue reading »

SkinCare Physicians’ service culture sets our dermatology practice apart

Published on Mar 28th, 2019 by Beth Hartigan

We hear about culture, read about it, and strive to somehow capture it. But what exactly is it? Is it worth our focus? Does culture really matter? At SkinCare Physicians the response is a resounding yes! And the cornerstone of our dermatology practice’s service culture is our CARE for both patients and employees. Our culture Our physician founders and original management leaders established the ideals for which we strive and initiated SkinCare Physicians’ early culture. Over time, we designed and developed behavioral standards, customer service concepts, employee hiring and training programs consistent with our core values, and our culture of … Continue reading »

What is microneedling and why is it so useful

Published on Mar 14th, 2019 by Kenneth Arndt

Microneedling has been around for over 2 decades, but only recently has there been sufficient data to make it clear that it actually is a useful procedure to improve wrinkles and scars. Learn from a renowned Boston dermatologist why having your face poked with hundreds of tiny needles improve its appearance. The premise behind microneedling It was originally postulated that inducing micro wounds to the skin would initiate healing and encourage connective tissue augmentation. Others later described a similar method, inserting needles parallel to the skin, as “percutaneous collagen induction”.  Indeed, after penetration of these small needles into skin, a … Continue reading »

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