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SkinCare Physicians Blog offers insights on the latest in medical and surgical dermatology, cosmetic and laser medicine, as well as aesthetics. All of our internationally recognized physicians and some members of our staff contribute to the Skincare Physicians Blog.

How to care for your hands during the coronavirus crisis

Published on Mar 27th, 2020 by Mitalee Christman

Life as we know it is changing daily. As we hunker down at home to flatten the curve and limit the spread of COVID-19, one thing that hasn’t changed and won’t change in the near future, is frequent handwashing, or hand sanitizing. But do you know how to properly sanitize your hands? Dr. Mitalee Christman shares her hand sanitizing tips, plus a few other recommendations to help us stay safe and care for our hands. Washing is always preferable to sanitizing, but sometimes a sink isn’t available. If you have to sanitize, it’s worth taking a minute to ensure you … Continue reading »

The best defense against viruses may be in your hands

Published on Feb 27th, 2020 by Robin Travers

Frequent handwashing, done properly, offers an effective prevention tool against viruses, especially when vaccines or medical treatments are not available. Flu season is in full swing across America. The CDC’s weekly map of cases in the US shows widespread influenza in almost all states. To make this virus season worse, the outbreak of respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has reached the United States. CDC is closely monitoring the outbreak. At this time, there is no vaccine to protect against it and no medications approved to treat it. So, how can you protect yourself? What are the very … Continue reading »

The CoolSculpting journey at SkinCare Physicians

Published on Feb 11th, 2020 by Jeffrey Dover

From guiding the research on the original device to performing nearly 10,000 treatments over the past 10 years. SkinCare Physicians’ dermatologists have been at the forefront of the most exciting development in noninvasive body contouring. Invented in Boston in the Department of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, CoolSculpting- using cold to selectively eliminate unwanted fat- was pioneered at SkinCare Physicians where the national FDA approval trials were directed and performed. And since its approval, our physicians have continuously been involved in perfecting the technique. Ten years later, nearly 10,000 treatments have been performed at SkinCare Physicians by our expert nursing … Continue reading »

SkinCare Physicians’ Predictions for 2020

Published on Feb 6th, 2020 by Kenneth Arndt

It’s a brand new decade, and SkinCare Physicians is ready for it! We have learned much in the last 20 years to position us at the forefront of the industry into the next 20 and beyond. Our board-certified dermatologists and directors continue to be leaders in research and practice management, so we polled them to see what they think will be trending for dermatology in 2020. Here’s what they predicted: Cellulite We currently offer two highly effective cellulite treatments, Cellfina and Sculptra. SCP was the original developer of the Cellfina technology, and in 2019 we spearheaded two additional cellulite clinical … Continue reading »

SkinCare Physicians: The story of a unique partnership

Published on Jan 16th, 2020 by Michael Kaminer

The cornerstone of a successful dermatology practice Since the time of its inception in 2000, the goal of SkinCare Physicians (SCP) has been to become the highest quality, most widely respected state-of-the-art dermatology practice possible. Under the guidance of its three founders, Drs. Kenneth Arndt, Jeffrey Dover and Michael Kaminer, SkinCare Physicians integrated general dermatology, surgical dermatology, laser and cosmetic surgery under one roof near Boston. While this was not entirely novel, SCP differentiated itself early on by bringing together leaders in dermatology as equal partners. All of the originating physicians were in full time academic positions prior to establishing … Continue reading »

Advanced Dermatology Spa: A unique concept in skin care

Published on Dec 17th, 2019 by Brooke Sikora

SkinCare Physicians’ Advanced Dermatology Spa™ is now a reality.  Located on the 2nd floor in Suite 200 this brand new space combines the luxury of a spa with state-of-the-art technology, and the knowledge and expertise of our dermatologists.  So why has SkinCare Physicians developed the Advanced Dermatology Spa™?  We have created this unique environment in response to the expectations and needs of our patients who longed for the relaxing and luxurious experience of a spa-like treatment in a medical setting. Our Advanced Dermatology Spa™ has three highly-trained aestheticians providing treatments such as medical cleansings, peels, Hydrafacials, and Clear + Brilliant treatments. … Continue reading »

Why we LOVE deep Vitalize Peels at Advanced Dermatology Spa

Published on Dec 9th, 2019 by Meredith Kiy

Deep level chemical peels can sound scary and intimidating. At SkinCare Physicians’ Advanced Dermatology Spa™, our aestheticians work directly with our physicians to ensure that they have the highest level of training in order to provide our patients with these exciting and result-driven treatments. If you are thinking of going deeper than your average facial peel and want to achieve that dramatic “before & after photo” effect, our aestheticians are ready for you. Our deeper Vitalize Peel can help diminish hyperpigmentation and acne scars, smooth skin texture, and achieve an overall brightening/tightening of the skin. We recommend that first-time patients … Continue reading »

Winter is coming: A dermatologist’s tips for managing keratosis pilaris

Published on Nov 22nd, 2019 by Jeffrey Sobell

Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a common skin condition that appears as tiny rough bumps on the skin. SkinCare Physicians’ dermatologist explains why it is harmless and shares tips that can be helpful should it bother you. Keratosis pilaris develops most often on the backs of arms and on the fronts of thighs. In young children, the bumps may also be present on the cheeks. The appearance may be reminiscent of goose bumps or the skin of a plucked chicken. Others mistake the bumps for small pimples. In reality, KP is just plugs of dry skin around the hair follicles. And … Continue reading »

When a SkinCare Physicians medical assistant cares for those most in need

Published on Nov 8th, 2019 by Blog Admin

Krysten Cefalo, one of our talented medical assistants, chose to “treat” herself to a different vacation this fall for her birthday. She decided to volunteer in Costa Rica at medical shelters for elderly people and ill children with disabilities through International Volunteer HQ. Volunteering for a medical mission was something she wanted to do for years, but never had the confidence to do it until she had years of medical experience as a nurse. Krysten spent a week doing wellness checks, changing wounds, giving injections (up to 48 in a day!), and attending to bed-bound patients. Although she did not … Continue reading »

Understanding melasma triggers and treatments

Published on Oct 31st, 2019 by Karen Kim

Have you been noticing stubborn, brown patches on your face that aren’t fading after the summer? Persistent discoloration on the nose, cheeks, forehead and/or upper lip may suggest you have melasma. Here is dermatologist Dr. Karen Kim’s take on the condition. Understanding melasma’s triggers Melasma is a skin condition characterized by brown or grey-brown discoloration. It is due to overactive pigment-producing cells called melanocytes and tends to occur more often in women. It can be triggered by hormone fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, oral contraceptive intake or hormone replacement therapy. The face is the most common part of the body … Continue reading »

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