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SkinCare Physicians Blog offers insights on the latest in medical and surgical dermatology, cosmetic and laser medicine, as well as aesthetics. All of our internationally recognized physicians and some members of our staff contribute to the Skincare Physicians Blog.

PicoToning: One laser to improve skin tone and texture with minimal down time

Published on Apr 11th, 2019 by Laurel Morton

Improving skin color and texture is an important goal for many of our patients, including those who cannot afford to have much down time after a laser procedure. But, can one laser really improve both skin discoloration and texture with minimal down time? The answer is YES and the treatment is called PicoToning. What can PicoToning accomplish? With the specialized Focus Array setting on the PicoSure laser, one device can target multiple cosmetic concerns utilizing gentle pressure on a cellular level. This treatment improves the appearance of sun damage and brown age spots by breaking up pigment. At the same … Continue reading »

SkinCare Physicians’ service culture sets our dermatology practice apart

Published on Mar 28th, 2019 by Beth Hartigan

We hear about culture, read about it, and strive to somehow capture it. But what exactly is it? Is it worth our focus? Does culture really matter? At SkinCare Physicians the response is a resounding yes! And the cornerstone of our dermatology practice’s service culture is our CARE for both patients and employees. Our culture Our physician founders and original management leaders established the ideals for which we strive and initiated SkinCare Physicians’ early culture. Over time, we designed and developed behavioral standards, customer service concepts, employee hiring and training programs consistent with our core values, and our culture of … Continue reading »

What is microneedling and why is it so useful

Published on Mar 14th, 2019 by Kenneth Arndt

Microneedling has been around for over 2 decades, but only recently has there been sufficient data to make it clear that it actually is a useful procedure to improve wrinkles and scars. Learn from a renowned Boston dermatologist why having your face poked with hundreds of tiny needles improve its appearance. The premise behind microneedling It was originally postulated that inducing micro wounds to the skin would initiate healing and encourage connective tissue augmentation. Others later described a similar method, inserting needles parallel to the skin, as “percutaneous collagen induction”.  Indeed, after penetration of these small needles into skin, a … Continue reading »

Dry skin and moisturizers: Everything you need to know

Published on Mar 5th, 2019 by Robin Travers

In winter time and early spring everyone’s skin is dry, cracked and flaky. Because of this “xerosis”, fine lines and wrinkles look more noticeable. The skin is your body’s largest organ and it represents the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and irritants. If that skin barrier function is disrupted, even by simple dry skin, that puts our patients at risk for infection and dermatitis. Knowing how your skin become dry and how moisturizers work to retain water will help you to keep your skin well hydrated yearlong. How does our skin become dry? We all lose up to … Continue reading »

Dry skin: Six easy steps to heal the winter itch

Published on Mar 5th, 2019 by Tania Phillips

A lot of our patients at SkinCare Physicians are experiencing dry itchy skin at this time of year. This infographic shows in 6 easy steps what you can do to minimize your symptoms and moisturize your skin more effectively. Step 1: Take short warm showers. It’s always tempting to take a long hot shower in winter, but this will make your skin’s dryness and itching worse. Step 2: Use a mild unscented soap or soap free cleanser, such as Dove or Cetaphil. Harsh soaps can dry out your skin. Harsh soaps can dry out your skin. Step 3: Only use … Continue reading »

Why does scratching our skin feel so good (and why it’s important to stop!)

Published on Feb 21st, 2019 by Robin Travers

Have you ever heard a story about someone with head lice and then felt itchy for the rest of the day? There is a reason for this “contagious itching”! Researchers at Temple University* used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to get some answers. fMRI offers a way to measure brain activity by detecting changes associated with cerebral blood flow. In patients who were chronically itchy (such as those with atopic dermatitis, or eczema) who were shown a video of people scratching, their brains lit up in the supplemental motor areas, an area that can prompt people to action, such as … Continue reading »

Your skin during pregnancy: a guide to all the lumps and bumps other than your belly

Published on Feb 5th, 2019 by Robin Travers

Congratulations, mommy-to-be!  You most likely have stacks of books at your bedside describing the fascinating changes your body will undergo on this 40-week journey.  Yet few will offer details about some of the most glaringly obvious changes that will face you in the mirror:  on your skin!  Pregnancy-related hormone changes can induce new bumps and spots to appear on your skin, or may also alter pre-existing skin conditions.  Use the following guide to help decipher these changes and learn how to treat and prevent them. Acne Some women find their acne actually improves during pregnancy.  If you are among the … Continue reading »

Moisturizers SkinCare Physicians loves for the winter

Published on Jan 22nd, 2019 by Brooke Sikora

Winter can be hard on your skin. With the outside temperatures dropping and the inside heat blowing, our skin is craving moisture. To prevent dry, itchy and cracked skin this winter, our dermatologists recommend these excellent moisturizers – available at SkinCare Physicians. SkinCare Physicians’ top facial moisturizers for dry skin These moisturizers contain important ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid which attract and hold water to the skin, plumping the cells to give them a more youthful appearance. The best time to moisturize our face and body is right after a shower, when the skin is still damp and you … Continue reading »

Aesthetic treatments are not just for women

Published on Jan 10th, 2019 by Karen Kim

Male interest in aesthetics has been on the rise. In fact, terms like “BroTox” and “Daddy Do-overs” have been popularized and are a testament to the growing number of men seeking cosmetic treatments. A 2017 Dermatology Times article reported there has been a fifty percent increase in the number of neurotoxin injections, a 235% increase in fillers, and a forty percent increase in minimally invasive procedures performed in men from 2006-2016. Why are more men seeking aesthetic treatments these days? Men are increasingly hearing about these procedures from social media and through discussions with their spouses, partners and friends. There’s … Continue reading »

Mohs surgery, the treatment of choice for facial non-melanoma skin cancers

Published on Nov 30th, 2018 by Thomas Rohrer

Mohs surgery is a specialized technique which removes skin cancers in a very systematic and logical manner.  It achieves the highest cure rate and leaves the smallest possible area to reconstruct after the skin cancer has been removed.  The basic principle behind the Mohs’ technique is to remove the entire skin cancer without taking any more normal skin than is absolutely necessary. As SkinCare Physicians’ Mohs surgeon, Dr. Thomas Rohrer likes to say, it removes the skin cancer, the whole skin cancer, and nothing but the skin cancer. Here is your brief guide to Mohs surgery: what it is and … Continue reading »

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