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Just a few short years ago, cellulite treatments were essentially snake oil. Nothing worked, and hype far outpaced substance. That has all changed over the past decade. With multiple FDA-cleared or -approved devices and products, our trained medical staff has a variety of cellulite treatments at their disposal. Whether you have deeper discrete dimples, or more widespread dimpling, our team can help treat virtually any type of cellulite.

One of the central discoveries about cellulite was made here at SkinCare Physicians. Our dermatologists discovered that small bands of collagen which are present under the skin, termed “fibrous septae”, play a central role in the development of cellulite. Importantly, a second discovery made here at SkinCare Physicians was that treating the fibrous septae helped to improve the appearance of cellulite. In many cases, the improvement lasts for at least several years.

With proof that fibrous septae were central to the development of cellulite, Cellfina was developed and became the first FDA-cleared cellulite treatment. Then two companies researched other ways to treat fibrous septae, and successfully introduced Qwo, an FDA-approved injectable medication, and Resonic, a soundwave-based procedure that obtained FDA clearance. More recently, another novel, minimally-invasive procedure, Avéli, was added to our cellulite treatment arsenal.

Whether our physicians use mechanical devices, injectable medications, or sound waves, all of these therapeutic options create meaningful…and long lasting…improvement in cellulite.

Cellfina®, a long-lasting treatment for cellulite

Cellfina, which was conceived of and developed at SkinCare Physicians, is the first device that revolutionized the way we treat cellulite. The essential piece of the Cellfina story is the fibrous septae, which are the fibrous bands pulling down the skin and creating cellulite dimples. Cellfina enables our physicians to treat cellulite through direct, minimally invasive cutting of the fibrous septae. This technique is referred to as “mechanical subcision”. By releasing the fibrous bands under the dimpled areas, we can reliably reduce the appearance of cellulite in a one-time, single treatment session with a quick recovery. Patients are back to their normal activity within three to four days, and almost everyone is back at work the next day. Cellulite improves over the first four to six weeks, and then continues to get better. The bonus is that Cellfina’s results are long lasting, with effectiveness continuing out beyond 5 years. This FDA-cleared procedure noticeably improves cellulite in over 95% of patients. Learn more about Cellfina treatment for cellulite.

Avéli™, a precise approach to cellulite reduction

Another cellulite technology conceived of and developed at SkinCare Physicians is Avéli from Revelle Aesthetics. This fascinating procedure builds on the success of Cellfina, utilizing a novel device to identify, confirm, and cut the individual fibrous septa responsible for cellulite dimples. Avéli is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, requiring about 1 hour, with rapid recovery and a return to normal activities within a few days. The advantage of Avéli is its precision and reproducibility. Avéli is the only cellulite treatment that allows your physician to precisely identify and treat the individual fibrous septa responsible for dimples, and that precision translates into exquisite results. Over 90% of patients achieved success in a clinical trial performed at multiple sites around the world, including here at SkinCare Physicians. Interestingly, in addition to improved smoothness and reduction in cellulite dimples, Avéli seems to also produce an enhancement to buttock shape and contours after treatment.

Qwo®, a safe injectable cellulite medication

Qwo from Endo Pharmaceuticals is an injectable medication that chemically breaks down fibrous septae This “chemical subcision” is incredibly safe, and requires only a few small injections per dimple to effectively improve contours. Up to about 24 dimples can easily be treated in a single session, with 2-3 total sessions at monthly intervals required to achieve optimal results. The primary side effect is bruising, which resolves on its own. Qwo has been studied extensively at SkinCare Physicians, where we were active participants in the research that led to FDA approval.

Before & After Photos of Qwo Treatment for Cellulite

Before and after photos of Qwo cellulite treatment
Before and after Qwo® procedure
Photo courtesy of Qwo®

Resonic™, a non-invasive and painless cellulite procedure

Resonic from Soliton targets fibrous septae using sound waves in a completely non-invasive painless treatment. This “acoustic subcision” selectively targets the septae and improves cellulite dimples in over 95% of patients in a single treatment. Resonic does not require needles or surgery, and there is zero recovery. A single Resonic treatment takes about one hour, and results gradually appear over several months. The first Resonic cellulite treatment ever performed was at SkinCare Physicians, and we were the lead center in this fascinating FDA clinical trial that led to clearance for the treatment of cellulite. Additional work is being done to look at the effectiveness of doing multiple treatments over time, with additional research looking at the skin tightening effects that also appear to be produced by these acoustic waves.

Before & After Photos of Cellulite Treated with Resonic™

Before Resonic treatment for cellulite After Resonic treatment for cellulite
Before Resonic Procedure After Resonic Procedure
Procedure by Michael Kaminer, MD

Sculptra®, an effective dimple smoothing filler

To complement any of our cellulite procedures, we also utilize Sculptra, a filler material that we have used on the face for over a decade. It has unique and quite effective properties that we can use in cellulite treatment to smooth challenging dimples. Sculptra can also help shape and refine the buttocks and thighs. A series of 1-3 treatment sessions about a month apart are required, with injection of small amounts of the filler to erase dimples, smooth ripples, and shape the buttocks contours. Results typically last a year or more, with subsequent minor touch up procedures required to maintain results.

As not all cellulite dimples are the same, our physicians will evaluate your unique anatomy and recommend the optimal cellulite treatments for you. In some cases, a carefully executed combination approach using several of the above cellulite treatment options will produce the smoothness that has been so elusive with past treatments. Importantly, with Cellfina, Avéli, Qwo, Resonic and Sculptra, we now have the tools to treat virtually every type of cellulite.

At SkinCare Physicians, our doctors and staff are highly experienced with all these treatments to improve cellulite. Get started, request a consultation online and come visit with us.

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