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Dr. Sobell, chairperson at the 2018 Atlantic Derm Conference

Dr. Jeffrey Sobell at Atlantic Derm ConferenceSkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Jeffrey Sobell served as a chairperson at the 95th annual Atlantic Derm Conference on May 11-13 in Providence Rhode Island. Atlantic Derm is a dedicated group of thousands of dermatologists from 14 member societies along the eastern seaboard of the United States and Canada.

Each year Atlantic Derm members gather for a unique mission of serving patients, and Dr. Sobell was honored to serve as a chairperson for this case-based clinical conference.

SkinCare Physicians’ involvement with ASLMS

SkinCare Physicians’ involvement with ASLMSThe American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) recently met in Dallas for its annual meeting. This Society was founded in 1981 and our own Dr. Kenneth Arndt was one of the founding members. The organization is a multi-specialty organization devoted to research, education and advancement of the field of lasers and all types of energy based devices. When the Society was established there were only two lasers available for clinical use, the continuous wave argon laser and the continuous wave carbon dioxide laser. As time has evolved however, multiple other devices and treatments have become available using different types of energy, such as radiofrequency, microwave, ultrasound, and devices using various forms of thermal energy such as targeted heat and cold. Physicians from SkinCare Physicians have been integrally involved with the Society as it has evolved. Dr. Arndt was President of ASLMS in 1987, Dr. Dover was President in 2013, and Dr. Rohrer is currently the Vice-President and will ascend to the Presidency in the near future. Many SkinCare Physicians staff and fellows have contributed to the Society in the past and currently by serving in their administration, chairing committees, acting as journal editors, organizing the annual meeting, chairing sessions and presenting research.

At the most recent meeting Dr. Arndt co-chaired a 4-hour course entitled “Expert Treatment Approaches” along with Dr. Nazanin Saedi, who was previously a fellow at SkinCare Physicians. Dr. Thomas Rohrer gave two talks, one on “The use of lasers and light in the treatment of acne”, the other one “A new technology to treat seborrheic keratosis and potentially skin cancer.” He also moderated the session for Early Career abstracts. Dr. Dover was one of the faculty for a session on “Optimizing the patient experience” and lectured on “New Applications of Picosecond Technology” and “Laser-assisted drug delivery to boost rejuvenation procedures while maintaining safety.”

It was wonderful seeing many colleagues and particularly many of our previous fellows who attended this year’s meeting to contribute to the Program and be involved in their educational activities. In attendance were 15 of the approximately 50 fellows, whom we have trained since SkinCare Physicians was established almost two decades ago.

A new year, a new suite!

SkinCare Physicians is ringing in the New Year with a new suite on the second floor to meet the needs of our ever expanding Research Department and top-notch Billing Department. These two departments moved into their new beautiful office space last week and our colleagues are thrilled.

But we are not done. We anticipate the opening of another new clinical suite on the third floor in the spring of 2018! This updated space will enable us to provide our patients with more services and more state-of-the art clinical care.

We are excited to continue on this journey to make SkinCare Physicians and our 1244 Boylston Street address a destination location in Chestnut Hill MA, and the premier dermatology practice in the country!

Research Department

Photos of SkinCare Physicians' new Research Department

Billing Department

Photos of SkinCAre Physicians' new Billing Department

Scientific analysis backs benefits of holistic, non-invasive approach to aging face

Abstract of Harmony studyDr. Michael Kaminer of SkinCare Physicians and several colleagues from around the country recently completed a comprehensive scientific analysis of non-invasive treatments for facial aging including Botox and fillers.

The conclusions are impressive, and offer specific guidelines for how to achieve optimal and natural results. Sponsored by Allergan, this study creates new opportunities for achieving better results than previously possible.

Click here to find out more.

Hot off the press

Cover of Dec 17 issue of Seminars and Cutaneous Medicine and SurgeryHot off the press is the latest quarterly issue of Seminars and Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery on “Lasers, Lights and Energy Devices: State of the Art”. SkinCare Physicians’ Drs. Kenneth Arndt and Jeffrey Dover, guest editors along with Dr. Omer Ibrahim, are so pleased to see so many of our former fellows and two upcoming ones contribute their expertise to this issue. Congratulations to Drs. Omer Ibrahim, Shilpi Khetarpal, MD, Nicole Y Lee, Deanne Mraz Robinson, Nazanin Saedi, Mara Weinstein Velez, Sara Hogan and Daniel J Callaghan.

Enjoy this issue which is available online with open-access until the end of 2017.

SkinCare Physicians’ fellow received ASDS Research Grant

Dr. Sadeghpour assessing melasma patientSkinCare Physicians is thrilled to share the news that it is the second year in a row one of its fellows, Dr. Mona Sadeghpour, received the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Fredric S. Brandt Research Grant. Dr. Sadeghpour will use the clinical research grant to study the effect of low-fluence QS Nd:YAG lasers in the treatment of Melasma.

My interest in treatment of melasma stems from my interest in women’s health, since melasma is most commonly found in women, and often (but not always) starts around the time of pregnancy,” explains Dr. Sadeghpour. The cause of melasma is complex and not yet fully understood. Interplay between hormones and environmental factors including ultraviolet exposure from the sun and visible light in the setting of genetic predisposition leads to hyperactivity of melanocytes (our pigment-producing cells). This leads to formation of brown discoloration most commonly on the face. Patients with darker skin types may be at a higher risk for development of melasma, but it can be found in patients with all skin types, and affect both men and women. Melasma can be disfiguring and cause severe psychosocial distress. Unfortunately, it remains a very difficult disease to treat and generally requires a multi-modality treatment approach. Dr. Sadeghpour’s research focuses on investigating the ideal combination approach of a low-fluence Nd:YAG laser, mechanical exfoliation, and topical hydroquinone (lightening agent) to treat melasma in a safe and efficacious manner.

Dr. Sadeghpour is hoping to enroll 20 subjects (both men and women) with melasma. The study consists of three treatment visits spaced one month apart, and two follow up visits 3 and 6 months post treatment. The project will be conducted at SkinCare Physicians Research Department, under the guidance of Dr. Dover and Dr. Arndt. For more information on the study, click here.

The ASDS Innovations in Aesthetics Fellowship Fund was set up in 2015 to continue the legacy of Dr. Fredric S. Brandt, a longtime ASDS member and contributor, by promoting and supporting the career development of junior cosmetic dermatologic surgeons focused on cosmetic treatments and patient care.

Dr. Robin Travers receives award from IMPACT Melanoma

SkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Robin Travers received the Suzanne Donahue Keeper of the Hope award last weekend at the IMPACT Melanoma’s Shades of Hope gala.  She was honored for her outstanding contributions to the world of melanoma awareness.

Dr. Travers has been a longtime supporter and advocate of IMPACT Melanoma. “Over the year, she’s jumped at any opportunity to be involved with our programs and events. Robin sits on our Medical Advisory Board, runs the Boston Marathon each year as part of Team Running for Cover as well as coaches the other 30+ runners, trains beauty professionals through our Skinny On Skin program, and is featured in our Your Skin Is In eLearning curriculum teaching students the facts and myths of skin cancer. Robin embodies the passion and heart that Suzanne Donahue lived her life with each and every day.” [Source: IMPACT Melanoma website]

Watch Dr. Travers giving her speech after she received her award:

Many members of the SkinCare Physicians team attended the event in support of Dr. Travers and IMPACT Melanoma.

Photos of Shades of Hope Gala 2017


Dr. Dover receives 2017 ASDS President’s Award

Dr. Jeff Dover receiving 2017 ASDS President's AwardSkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Jeffrey Dover received one of the five 2017 ASDS President’s Awards at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Annual Meeting in Chicago. Dr. Thomas Rohrer, President of the ASDS, saluted Dr. Dover “as a visionary and educator for sharing his knowledge and experience with hundreds of ASDS members over the years.” Dr. Rohrer expressed his gratitude to Dr. Dover who “has invested countless hours of his personal time to ASDS serving as faculty and committee member, Board member and President.” He concluded that “his vision to invest in our residents has paid tremendous dividends already and will continue to keep ASDS healthy and growing for the forseeable future.” Congratulations Dr. Dover!

Read the full press release.

Dr. Kaminer comments on new Thermage FLX FDA-clearance

Dr. Kaminer's comments on Thermage FLXThermage FLX™ received FDA clearance last week. The new skin tightening system is designed to reduce the treatment time and enhance patient comfort.

SkinCare Physicians’ Dr. Michael Kaminer was quoted in the news release: “Being among the first adopters of the technology, I have confidently used the system for over a decade, as it is the center-piece of a successful skin tightening program. The Thermage system, backed by more than 50 clinical studies, is the gold standard in our practice and our most popular skin smoothing treatment. I’m excited to see what the new Thermage FLX system has to offer as each subsequent version has proven to exceed my expectations.

Read the press release.

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