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Kiss that annoying double chin goodbye with a breakthrough treatment, now FDA-approved

Published on Jun 25th, 2015 by Jeffrey Dover

In one of the most exciting developments in cosmetic surgery over the last few years, we now have a highly effective FDA-approved treatment, Kybella, for what is medically known as submental fat, or more commonly referred to as a double chin. Until recently, the only approach was surgical with liposuction and or a neck/face lift. While effective, these surgical measures are associated with significant downtime. With the assistance of SkinCare Physicians dermatologists near Boston, Kythera, a California based company, has developed a simple and elegant treatment, Kybella, which improves the look of a full neck and double chin. A series of 1-4 … Continue reading »

The tattoo removal revolution is entering its second phase

Published on Sep 18th, 2014 by Jeffrey Dover

Tattoos are becoming increasingly prevalent in Western society.  One U.S. survey found that 24% of respondents had tattoos. The 2006 “Gen Next” Pew Research Center survey found that 40% of respondents aged 26 – 40 have tattoos. This number is expected to continue to rise, and along with it an increased number of patients will consult their dermatologist for tattoo removal.  Luckily advances in selective short pulsed laser treatment are revolutionizing their removal and are available at SkinCare Physicians for patients who have tattoo regrets in the Boston area. First breakthrough in tattoo removal: The Q-switched laser The introduction of … Continue reading »

CoolSculpting takes care of your unwanted fat with no downtime

Published on Jun 25th, 2014 by Jeffrey Dover

For many of us achieving our ideal body weight or desirable body shape seems like a completely unachievable goal. Until recently there were only 2 ways to trim down our waist, love handles or thighs: Either perpetual dieting and exercise. Or liposuction, a surgical procedure that, while popular and relatively commonly performed, most of us would never even consider. A dramatic development based on a remarkably simple and elegant concept has made things much simpler: Fat is cold sensitive. As such, it can be altered and reduced without affecting the overlying skin. This fact has completely changed our approach to … Continue reading »

SkinCare Physicians’ ASDS-accredited Fellowship offers tremendous boost to three young doctors

Published on May 27th, 2014 by Jeffrey Dover

Nearly a year ago SkinCare Physicians’ long time fellowship training was accredited through the ASDS Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgery Fellowship Accreditation Program. ASDS launched the program in summer 2013 to promote comprehensive post-residency training in cosmetic dermatologic surgery procedures. Soon our three Fellows, Drs. Emily Keller, Kathryn Kent and Laurel Morton, will “graduate” from our program and move on bigger things, enthusiastic and positive about their training at SkinCare Physicians near Boston. They shared their experience in the following article published in the May-June 2014 issue of Currents, the ASDS magazine. A TREMENDOUS BOOST Program: SkinCare Physicians, Chestnut Hill, Mass. Co-directors: … Continue reading »

A new effective approach to treating facial redness and broken blood vessels

Published on Feb 28th, 2013 by Jeffrey Dover

Do you have facial redness and or broken blood vessels that don’t seem to go away? If so, you might have rosacea. Rosacea is a common inflammatory condition in the family of acne that often begins in the third and fourth decades of life. More than 14 million Americans are living with rosacea. Common symptoms include flushing, persistent redness, and pimples. While medicated cream containing metronidazole (Metrogel) or oral antibiotics treat the pimples, they do not take care of the redness and dilated blood vessels. The redness and dilated blood vessels can, however, be treated very effectively with the pulsed … Continue reading »

Non-surgical laser treatment shows impressive results for blue bumps on lips

Published on Dec 4th, 2012 by Jeffrey Dover

Do you have a blue bump or swelling on your lip? If so, you may have a venous lake. These fairly common blue/purple soft bumps or swellings are caused by a single dilated vein. They mainly appear on sun-exposed surfaces such as lips and ears, and generally occur in those over 40 years old. While not dangerous, they usually grow slowly, can get in the way of chewing and eating, and they don’t look particularly nice.

A new gentle approach to Fraxel skin laser treatments with Clear + Brilliant and Permea

Published on Nov 20th, 2012 by Jeffrey Dover

Fraxel® laser treatments have revolutionized our ability to improve skin texture and color. Our experience shows that a series of 6 treatments usually performed every 4 weeks with the 1550 nm device produces dramatic improvement in fine to moderate wrinkles, while the 1927 nm device is especially helpful for sun-induced skin discoloration. The biggest downside is that the treatments are uncomfortable and they leave patients red and a bit puffy for about 3 days. Typically, individuals have these done either early in the week so they can be ready for the weekend, or on a Friday afternoon so they can … Continue reading »

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