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Four tips to avoid dry uncomfortable hands this winter

Published on Oct 18th, 2018 by Jeffrey Sobell

Do you suffer from dry hands?   Well, in New England, this is extremely common.  The air in our environment is much less humid; cold outdoor temperatures as well as dry indoor air from our central heating systems both contribute to this.  This causes water to evaporate from our skin quickly, making it vulnerable to dehydration.  Common symptoms include scaling, redness, irritation and cracking. So, how can you best treat and prevent dry hands? 1- Use a gentle cleanser Soaps can strip oils from the skin.  Look for either a mild, fragrance-free soap or a soap-substitute that moisturizes.  Avoid using deodorant … Continue reading »

When should I start an anti-aging skin care routine?

Published on Sep 10th, 2018 by Laurel Morton

Young patients are constantly asking me about when they should start an anti-aging skin care routine, and this is one of the few questions I get that has a very simple answer: TODAY. Taking a few simple actions when you are young can have a major impact. Here are a few easy interventions I recommend for people just getting started. The basics you can (and should) do every day in your home In the morning, the simplest act is to apply sunscreen daily (including on cloudy days.)  It is the cornerstone to any anti-aging routine because it prevents UV damage … Continue reading »

Prejuvenation: A six-step guide to maintaining your aesthetic edge against aging

Published on Jul 30th, 2018 by Mona Sadeghpour, Kenneth Arndt

Every day we are asked if there is an age that is “too early” to start preventing the skin from aging or to start on the journey for skin rejuvenation.  We have been thinking about this question for years and in fact were the first to introduce and coin the term “prejuvenation,” a buzz word that has since taken off on a journey of its own.  Just Google-search the word and you’ll see what we mean! What exactly is “prejuvenation?” “Prejuvenation” is the act of initiating a series of thoughtfully planned steps that will prevent or impede the changes associated … Continue reading »

Dermatologist sets the record straight on 5 common tanning myths

Published on Aug 24th, 2016 by Karen Kim

As summer is coming to an end, dermatologist Karen Kim of SkinCare Physicians sets the record straight on 5 common tanning myths that she has heard too many times in the past few months. Myth #1: “It’s healthy to have a base tan to prevent burns” Tanning of any kind means there has been damage to the skin. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. Myth #2: “I need to get my Vitamin D and the sun is the best way to get it” Vitamin D can be obtained through nutrition such as milk, fortified orange juice, salmon, … Continue reading »

Aging hands: How to turn back the clock

Published on Mar 22nd, 2016 by Meredith Kiy

Did you know that aside from your face your hands get the most sun exposure? We tend to neglect our hands until it may be too late. As an aesthetician at SkinCare Physicians, the biggest concern I hear from patients about their hands is pigmentation, or coloring. Skin pigmentation disorders affect the color of your skin and sun exposure is the prime culprit. Whether you want to perfect your hand selfie engagement photos or want to turn back the clock and reverse the aging process from too much sun exposure, follow the prevention tips below or treat your hands to … Continue reading »

‘Tis the season for kids’ scrapes and cuts: How to best treat them

Published on Oct 1st, 2015 by Robin Travers

The fall sports season is well underway for kids and parent volunteers are essential to the success of youth sport programs. This year, I took on the challenge of running the First Aid table for two of my son’s meets. Sure, there were a few bumped and bruised knees, and one bloody nose. But by far the most common injuries I encountered among the kids were the scrapes and cuts, road rash and abrasions, after they took tumbles. What’s the best way to treat these scrapes and cuts to minimize the risk of infection in the short term and scarring … Continue reading »

Outrun the sun: Sunscreen advice for marathoners and mere mortals

Published on Jul 16th, 2015 by Robin Travers

I’ve run the Boston Marathon for the past 10 years. The afternoon before the race, I host a big carb-loading party (and fundraiser for the Melanoma Foundation of New England!) for my running friends, some of whom travel from far-flung parts of the world to run this historic race. One of my friends, Bob, is a very smart man, and he gave me, a dermatologist, a really important lesson about sunscreen among marathoners. Bob runs a speedy (sub-3:00) race. Several years ago, the weather predictions called for clouds, and Bob was not wearing sunscreen. But these clouds unexpectedly parted at … Continue reading »

Jellyfish stings, a summer skin hazard!

Published on Jul 2nd, 2015 by Robin Travers

There’s a new dangerous creature lurking in the waters of Cape Cod and the Islands, and it’s not a great white shark! It’s a little jellyfish called Gonionemus vertens, and stings from this jellyfish have been increasingly reported in Cape Cod ponds and bays. The population of these creatures is spreading for reasons that aren’t understood, and they are unfortunately associated with a painful sting. Gonionemus is a type of hydrozoan, like the Portuguese Man of War. Hydrozoans are not true jellyfish, but they resemble them enough that we often refer to them as such. Like the jellyfish, hydrozoans have … Continue reading »

12 self-tanning tips to get your glow on safely

Published on Jun 30th, 2015 by Robin Travers

The weather is getting warmer here in Boston, and we are putting away our long-sleeves and pants in favor of shorts and bare arms. Many patients at SkinCare Physicians want the “healthy” bronze of a tan… but without the risks associated with ultraviolet light exposure. Here is what our dermatologists have to say about self-tanners’ safety and how to best apply them. What’s in your self-tanners? Most self-tanners contain very safe ingredients, either dihydroxyacentone (DHA) or erythrulose. DHA is a type of sugar molecule that turns brown when it reacts with amino acids in your skin surface, in a reaction … Continue reading »

Get your medical advice from your physician, not a Lululemon bag

Published on Jun 17th, 2015 by Robin Travers

In the year since this blog post was first published, Lululemon’s inaccurate and potentially dangerous sunscreen advice continues to be printed on the bags that they hand out every day to customers. Lululemon WAS informed by the American Academy of Dermatology last year that its ‘sunscreen is dangerous’ quote printed on all its bags was spreading misinformation, and the company admitted that the message is “not research based” . If you are concerned about your risk of skin cancer and the potentially dangerous medical information Lululemon continues to dispense, email their ‘guest education center’ at to voice your concerns. Pass … Continue reading »

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Say goodbye to underarm sweat and odor.

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