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The top three WORST dermatology ideas on TikTok

Published on Sep 20th, 2022 by Kay Kane, MD

In this age of TikTok, more kids and teenagers are following the dermatology advice of social media influencers over doctors. Dr. Kay S. Kane, our Boston Children’s Hospital-affiliated Pediatric Dermatologist, would like to share the top three WORST ideas out on TikTok right now. Sunscreen contouring A TikTok video went viral getting close to 2 million likes by describing a technique called sunscreen contouring. In the 15-second clip, the influencer put a base layer of low SPF sunscreen all over her face followed by a high SPF block only on desired highlights, before tanning. The claim is that “the sun … Continue reading »

A dermatologist’s pre-wedding skin care timeline for looking and feeling your best

Published on Apr 22nd, 2022 by Laurel Morton, MD

For many, a wedding is the most important day in one’s life. Whether someone has a month or a year to prepare for that day, looking and feeling one’s best is important. But how and when to start? At SkinCare Physicians near Boston, we meet brides and grooms who ask for our skin care advice as they get ready for their important day. In this blog, Dr. Laurel Morton outlines a recommended treatment timeline to prepare your skin for your wedding. And, while it is always helpful when we have more time to achieve your aesthetic goals, there are some … Continue reading »

A dermatologist’s favorite sunscreens and why

Published on Jul 28th, 2021 by Brooke Sikora, MD

It is that time of year again when everyone is talking about what sunscreen to use and asking for recommendations. We all know that wearing a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher daily and reapplying often is important for reducing the incidence of skin cancer and protecting our skin from the number one cause of extrinsic aging – ultraviolet radiation. So, are all sunscreens created equal? Not necessarily. There are two main categories of sunscreens: Physical/mineral sunscreens: They stay on top of your skin and act like a shield reflecting the sun’s rays. They work as soon as you apply … Continue reading »

A dermatologist’s skin advice for post-pandemic moms

Published on Jul 27th, 2021 by Karen Kim, MD

Self-care became a low priority for many of us during the pandemic. This was especially true for moms. Whether they were helping kids navigate through remote learning, or juggling household responsibilities while working inside or outside the home, mothers had less time for themselves. Now that restrictions have eased and we are resuming activities and pre-pandemic routines, we noticed more people seeking advice about their skin. Notably, mothers have conveyed interest in addressing changes they’ve been seeing this past year. Questions come up regularly about worry lines, uneven or dull skin tone aggravated by stress and jawline/neck laxity noticed on … Continue reading »

Four tips to avoid dry uncomfortable hands this winter

Published on Feb 2nd, 2021 by Jeffrey Sobell, MD

Do you suffer from dry hands?   Well, in New England, this is extremely common.  The air in our environment is much less humid; cold outdoor temperatures as well as dry indoor air from our central heating systems both contribute to this.  This causes water to evaporate from our skin quickly, making it vulnerable to dehydration.  Common symptoms include scaling, redness, irritation and cracking. So, how can you best treat and prevent dry hands? 1- Use a gentle cleanser Soaps can strip oils from the skin.  Look for either a mild, fragrance-free soap or a soap-substitute that moisturizes.  2- Do not … Continue reading »

Four must do’s for a healthy, radiant skin

Published on Nov 24th, 2020 by Karen Kim, MD

There is no secret to maintaining a healthy skin, I tell my dermatology patients at SkinCare Physicians near Boston. Follow these simple recommendations and you will be on your way to a more radiant look. #1 Include a retinoid in your skin care regimen Topical creams containing retinoids, such as tretinoin are one of the most effective products you could apply to prevent fine lines and restore luster to your skin. Available by prescription, your dermatologist can advise you on how to use it while minimizing any flaking or dryness that can occur initially. If you can’t tolerate a prescription … Continue reading »

How to beat hand dermatitis in times of frequent handwashing

Published on Apr 13th, 2020 by Robin Travers

Several weeks ago, SkinCare Physicians published a blog that focused on the role of proper handwashing technique in slowing the coronavirus pandemic. Today, our dermatologists will deal with the follow-up problem that should not be left untreated: hand dermatitis. This is the dry, cracked, irritated and inflamed skin condition on the hands and wrists which many of our patients are experiencing with all of the increased handwashing and hand sanitizing.  In fact, one of the indicators that you’ve been following the handwashing recommendations well is if you are now struggling with hand dermatitis! Even in normal years, the dermatologists at … Continue reading »

How to care for your hands during the coronavirus crisis

Published on Mar 27th, 2020 by Mitalee Christman, MD

Life as we know it is changing daily. As we hunker down at home to flatten the curve and limit the spread of COVID-19, one thing that hasn’t changed and won’t change in the near future, is frequent handwashing, or hand sanitizing. But do you know how to properly sanitize your hands? Dr. Mitalee Christman shares her hand sanitizing tips, plus a few other recommendations to help us stay safe and care for our hands. Washing is always preferable to sanitizing, but sometimes a sink isn’t available. If you have to sanitize, it’s worth taking a minute to ensure you … Continue reading »

Beware of poison ivy in the fall

Published on Sep 18th, 2019 by Tania Phillips, MD

While poison ivy is most dangerous in spring and summer, you may still get a rash this fall. Poison ivy leaves are among the first one to turn red in the fall and their beautiful colors can fool you. We asked our dermatologist Dr. Tania Phillips to give us a quick refresher on poison ivy rash, treatments and prevention. What could happen if your skin is exposed to poison ivy? After being exposed to poison oak, poison ivy or sumac, many people get a very itchy blistering rash. The rash is caused by uroshiol, an oil found in these plants. … Continue reading »

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