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Itchy Back? It may be more than just dry skin

Published on Apr 1st, 2021 by Robin Travers

Itching on the back can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you can’t reach the area to give it a good scratch! It always seems that the back is itchiest where it is just out of reach. Of course, it is always best to treat the source of itching, in order to avoid scratching. The source may not just be simple dry skin, but irritant contact dermatitis or even a sensory neuropathy. Here is what you need to know about these forms of itching, and how to treat them. Simple dry skin The most common cause of itching on the back … Continue reading »

SkinCare Physicians’ nurse on the frontlines of the pandemic

Published on Apr 27th, 2020 by Robin Travers

Many of the SkinCare Physicians staff are working from home during this COVID-19 crisis. But Taylor Broderson, RN, has taken a short-term position at the Boston Hope Medical Center, and she took the opportunity to give us some insight about her experience on the frontlines of this pandemic. Taylor had her first shift at Boston Hope Medical Center as a registered nurse this past week. Boston Hope Medical center is a 1,000-bed field hospital that was built in the Seaport’s Convention Center to prepare for an anticipated increase in COVID-19 cases across the city. 500 beds are for post-acute COVID-19 … Continue reading »

How to beat hand dermatitis in times of frequent handwashing

Published on Apr 13th, 2020 by Robin Travers

Several weeks ago, SkinCare Physicians published a blog that focused on the role of proper handwashing technique in slowing the coronavirus pandemic. Today, our dermatologists will deal with the follow-up problem that should not be left untreated: hand dermatitis. This is the dry, cracked, irritated and inflamed skin condition on the hands and wrists which many of our patients are experiencing with all of the increased handwashing and hand sanitizing.  In fact, one of the indicators that you’ve been following the handwashing recommendations well is if you are now struggling with hand dermatitis! Even in normal years, the dermatologists at … Continue reading »

The best defense against viruses may be in your hands

Published on Feb 27th, 2020 by Robin Travers

Frequent handwashing, done properly, offers an effective prevention tool against viruses, especially when vaccines or medical treatments are not available. Flu season is in full swing across America. The CDC’s weekly map of cases in the US shows widespread influenza in almost all states. To make this virus season worse, the outbreak of respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has reached the United States. CDC is closely monitoring the outbreak. At this time, there is no vaccine to protect against it and no medications approved to treat it. So, how can you protect yourself? What are the very … Continue reading »

Five different forms of sun poisoning and their symptoms

Published on May 16th, 2019 by Robin Travers

Extended, unprotected exposure to the sun can harm the skin for a myriad of reasons such as skin cancer and aging, but photodermatoses, or “sun poisoning”, is a slightly less common but still dangerous effect of sun exposure.  Many patients use the term “sun poisoning”, but what does it really mean? We asked dermatologist Dr. Robin Travers to explain the skin condition and its symptoms. Sun Poisoning Variations Sun poisoning is similar to severe sunburn, which can lead to patient confusion if symptoms go beyond those they may usually get from a day in the sun. Here are five different … Continue reading »

Dry skin and moisturizers: Everything you need to know

Published on Mar 5th, 2019 by Robin Travers

In winter time and early spring everyone’s skin is dry, cracked and flaky. Because of this “xerosis”, fine lines and wrinkles look more noticeable. The skin is your body’s largest organ and it represents the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and irritants. If that skin barrier function is disrupted, even by simple dry skin, that puts our patients at risk for infection and dermatitis. Knowing how your skin become dry and how moisturizers work to retain water will help you to keep your skin well hydrated yearlong. How does our skin become dry? We all lose up to … Continue reading »

Why does scratching our skin feel so good (and why it’s important to stop!)

Published on Feb 21st, 2019 by Robin Travers

Have you ever heard a story about someone with head lice and then felt itchy for the rest of the day? There is a reason for this “contagious itching”! Researchers at Temple University* used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to get some answers. fMRI offers a way to measure brain activity by detecting changes associated with cerebral blood flow. In patients who were chronically itchy (such as those with atopic dermatitis, or eczema) who were shown a video of people scratching, their brains lit up in the supplemental motor areas, an area that can prompt people to action, such as … Continue reading »

Your skin during pregnancy: a guide to all the lumps and bumps other than your belly

Published on Feb 5th, 2019 by Robin Travers

Congratulations, mommy-to-be!  You most likely have stacks of books at your bedside describing the fascinating changes your body will undergo on this 40-week journey.  Yet few will offer details about some of the most glaringly obvious changes that will face you in the mirror:  on your skin!  Pregnancy-related hormone changes can induce new bumps and spots to appear on your skin, or may also alter pre-existing skin conditions.  Use the following guide to help decipher these changes and learn how to treat and prevent them. Acne Some women find their acne actually improves during pregnancy.  If you are among the … Continue reading »

Nicotinamide, a simple vitamin to prevent skin cancer?

Published on Apr 10th, 2018 by Robin Travers

Many of Dr. Robin Travers’ patients at SkinCare Physicians ask her if there are any vitamins or supplements they can take to improve the health of their skin.  She has answered, honestly, that there aren’t many carefully controlled scientific studies that prove that vitamins have any benefit for the skin.  That may be changing! In the ONTRAC (Oral Nicotinamide to Reduce Actinic Cancer) study, Australian researchers showed that nicotinamide, an inexpensive and easily available form of vitamin B3, significantly reduces the incidence of nonmelanoma skin cancers among people who have already had a basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma. … Continue reading »

Embracing Electronic Medical Record at SkinCare Physicians

Published on Oct 5th, 2017 by Robin Travers

Careful medical record keeping is one of the essential aspects of delivering good medical care. When SkinCare Physicians opened its doors in 2000, we saw patients and recorded our visits in an old-fashioned paper chart.  By 2008, we had transitioned to an electronic charting system that involved scanning the paper records of our patients.  We still wrote in our charts as we always did, but these sheets of paper were securely scanned into a system that allowed improved tracking and management.  And now, in 2017, we are moving to a truly electronic medical record (EMR)! During your future visits, you will … Continue reading »

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