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CoolSculpting takes care of your unwanted fat with no downtime

Published on Jun 25th, 2014 by Jeffrey Dover

For many of us achieving our ideal body weight or desirable body shape seems like a completely unachievable goal. Until recently there were only 2 ways to trim down our waist, love handles or thighs: Either perpetual dieting and exercise. Or liposuction, a surgical procedure that, while popular and relatively commonly performed, most of us would never even consider. A dramatic development based on a remarkably simple and elegant concept has made things much simpler: Fat is cold sensitive. As such, it can be altered and reduced without affecting the overlying skin. This fact has completely changed our approach to … Continue reading »

Why Exercise Is Still Important After Liposuction

Published on Sep 8th, 2013 by Blog Admin

Year after year, liposuction in Boston and around the country remains very popular— and with good reason. Liposuction physically removes fat cells from the body, streamlining patients’ physiques and providing results that diet and exercise often can’t match. In adults, it’s not the number of fat cells that fluctuates as weight changes; it’s the size of the cells. Unless your fat cells are physically removed from your body, as with liposuction, the number you have now is the number you’ll have a decade from now, even with good diet and exercise habits. Though liposuction does permanently eliminate some fat cells, the fat … Continue reading »

Liposculpture and body shaping – Non-Invasive Options May Be the Next Big Thing

Published on Feb 17th, 2010 by Blog Admin

If you are like most people, no matter how much you diet and exercise, you still have an area or two that just doesn’t seem to shrink the way you want it to. That annoying little jiggle or unsightly roll can detract from the appearance of an otherwise fit and healthy body. Perhaps this is why liposuction is one of the Boston area’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. The idea of permanently removing stubborn, unwanted pockets of fat appeals to women and men who want to look more toned and feel better about themselves. Newer, non-invasive technologies may broaden the … Continue reading »

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