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The recipe for creating natural results with Botox and fillers

Published on Feb 11th, 2016 by Michael Kaminer

One of the main things that patients are concerned about is an unnatural look following cosmetic treatments and injections, including Botox and fillers. For many, this risk appears to be a fear-inspiring black hole, and the concern about looking unnatural and overdone is widespread. Fortunately, skilled injectors understand what it is that makes a patient look unnatural, and more importantly are able to avoid it with some very specific techniques. Optimizing the proper dose of Botox When it comes to treatment with botulinum toxins including Botox and Dysport, the primary culprit of an unnatural result is overdosing. When Botox was … Continue reading »

Big event? Wedding? Four essential tips to prepare your skin…

Published on Nov 13th, 2014 by Brooke Sikora

There are many important events and milestones in our lives. Whether it is your wedding, a friend or family member’s wedding, a reunion, or another important event, preparing your skin well ahead of time will help to make sure you look your best for this special occasion. Follow these 4 tips from our team of dermatologists in Boston and you will glow the day of your big event. #1 Get in a good routine. Our skin looks best when we care for it on a daily basis and don’t neglect it. Be sure to cleanse twice daily to gently remove … Continue reading »

How our skin ages and what we can do about it

Published on Nov 26th, 2013 by Thomas Rohrer

While it appears as if “everything is just sagging” as we age, recent research has revealed a much more complex series of events occurring beneath the skin than simple gravitational pull.   Recognizing the mechanisms of aging helps our dermatologists at SkinCare Physicians near Boston to better understand how to correct them in a more natural manner and avoid giving patients that “over-done” look. Understanding the deeper cause of facial aging The youthful face has a beautiful smooth look with high cheekbones and even tone.  As we age the effects of the sun create tan spots and little veins just under … Continue reading »

Frustrated with acne scars? Options exist to get rid of them

Published on Aug 6th, 2013 by Karen Kim

You’ve gotten your acne under control and now you are ready to get rid of the acne scars. What are your options? Depending on the type and severity of acne scar, there is a variety of treatments that can help. Skin discoloration from acne Brown discoloration from acne usually goes away on its own, but sometimes it can take a while. To speed things up, these brown spots can be lightened with daily topical application of bleaching agents such as hydroquinone or kojic acid. It’s important not to forget to apply sunscreen with an SPF 30 regularly to avoid these … Continue reading »

SkinCare Research: Where breakthroughs begin!

Published on Feb 14th, 2013 by Kathleen Petrell

Did you know that SkinCare Physicians has its own world renowned research center? Under the leadership of our physicians and through the collaborative efforts of our research group we have helped to advance the field of dermatology, skin surgery, laser and cosmetic surgery. The center was established over a decade ago to help develop new and innovative technologies.  Many of the procedures offered in our practice today such as Thermage, Fraxel, Zeltiq, and Miradry along with Botox and fillers were evaluated and tested in our clinical studies center and approved through our research efforts. Carefully screened and eligible individuals are … Continue reading »

The key to success with skin fillers: making the right choices

Published on Jan 24th, 2013 by Michael Kaminer

At the annual dermatologic surgery meeting in Atlanta last fall, I presented new data on filler techniques to improve results. Fillers can now be used on virtually any part of the face, and using them preferentially in the temple region, as well as in front of the ears, can elevate lower facial skin with beautiful and natural results. Another area that offers pleasant results using fillers is on the eyebrows, eyelids and under the eyes, as shown in the videos below. These new techniques present a significant advantage: they do not cause an overinflated or artificial look. They also avoid … Continue reading »

Seven anti-aging tips for your hands

Published on Dec 11th, 2012 by Karen Kim

During discussions about treatments for facial rejuvenation, patients regularly ask me for advice on how to improve the look and feel of their hands. Our hands are as vulnerable as our face to aging and the effects of the sun and the environment, but they are often overlooked. Common manifestations of aging and sun exposure include wrinkles, skin thinning, and brown spots. Below are seven tips that can help your hands look younger.

Starting skin care treatments: When is too-early too early?

Published on Nov 13th, 2012 by Kenneth Arndt

“Is it too early?” is a question often asked by someone considering a procedure to enhance their skin appearance, such as starting to use Botox or Dysport, have a filler injection, or receive a light or laser treatment. My feeling is that it is almost NEVER “too-early”.

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