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A dermatologist’s skin advice for post-pandemic moms

Published on Jul 27th, 2021 by Karen Kim, MD

Self-care became a low priority for many of us during the pandemic. This was especially true for moms. Whether they were helping kids navigate through remote learning, or juggling household responsibilities while working inside or outside the home, mothers had less time for themselves. Now that restrictions have eased and we are resuming activities and pre-pandemic routines, we noticed more people seeking advice about their skin. Notably, mothers have conveyed interest in addressing changes they’ve been seeing this past year. Questions come up regularly about worry lines, uneven or dull skin tone aggravated by stress and jawline/neck laxity noticed on … Continue reading »

Four must do’s for a healthy, radiant skin

Published on Nov 24th, 2020 by Karen Kim, MD

There is no secret to maintaining a healthy skin, I tell my dermatology patients at SkinCare Physicians near Boston. Follow these simple recommendations and you will be on your way to a more radiant look. #1 Include a retinoid in your skin care regimen Topical creams containing retinoids, such as tretinoin are one of the most effective products you could apply to prevent fine lines and restore luster to your skin. Available by prescription, your dermatologist can advise you on how to use it while minimizing any flaking or dryness that can occur initially. If you can’t tolerate a prescription … Continue reading »

Pesky pink bumps around the mouth: it may not be acne

Published on May 29th, 2020 by Karen Kim, MD

At a time when many people are relying more and more on videoconferencing such as Zoom and FaceTime to connect remotely with family, friends and colleagues, skin eruptions occurring on the face can be particularly troublesome. One of the common facial skin conditions we at SkinCare Physicians have been seeing more often in telemedicine visits recently has been perioral dermatitis. What is perioral dermatitis? As the name suggests, this rash frequently occurs around the mouth as well as the nose and can appear around the eyes. It most commonly affects women and children. Perioral dermatitis can range from scattered pink … Continue reading »

Understanding melasma triggers and treatments

Published on Oct 31st, 2019 by Karen Kim, MD

Have you been noticing stubborn, brown patches on your face that aren’t fading after the summer? Persistent discoloration on the nose, cheeks, forehead and/or upper lip may suggest you have melasma. Here is dermatologist Dr. Karen Kim’s take on the condition. Understanding melasma’s triggers Melasma is a skin condition characterized by brown or grey-brown discoloration. It is due to overactive pigment-producing cells called melanocytes and tends to occur more often in women. It can be triggered by hormone fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, oral contraceptive intake or hormone replacement therapy. The face is the most common part of the body … Continue reading »

Aesthetic treatments are not just for women

Published on Jan 10th, 2019 by Karen Kim, MD

Male interest in aesthetics has been on the rise. In fact, terms like “BroTox” and “Daddy Do-overs” have been popularized and are a testament to the growing number of men seeking cosmetic treatments. A 2017 Dermatology Times article reported there has been a fifty percent increase in the number of neurotoxin injections, a 235% increase in fillers, and a forty percent increase in minimally invasive procedures performed in men from 2006-2016. Why are more men seeking aesthetic treatments these days? Men are increasingly hearing about these procedures from social media and through discussions with their spouses, partners and friends. There’s … Continue reading »

Tired of looking tired? Treat the dark circles under your eyes

Published on Mar 27th, 2018 by Karen Kim, MD

Patients often ask about dark circles under the eyes and what they can do to treat them. There are multiple reasons why dark circles appear and our cosmetic dermatologists at SkinCare Physicians have multiple ways to help address them. Why under eye dark circles appear As we get older, the skin generally tends to become thinner and loose. This is especially true around the eyes, leading to a tired appearance. The under eye area (also called “tear trough”) can also appear hollow and sunken due to volume loss. Finally, the under eye area can look dark because of enlarged blood vessels. Blue veins around the eyes can become more … Continue reading »

Say bye to underarm puff and other small bulges

Published on Nov 2nd, 2017 by Karen Kim, MD

Underarm puff and other small bulges on the body can now be treated in a safe, noninvasive way. Dieting and exercising are tried and true ways of eliminating unwanted weight. However sometimes, there are areas of the body including the chin and underarm that no amount of dieting and exercising can touch. The good news is that it is now possible to reduce these fat pockets without undergoing the risks of an invasive procedure. Previously, fat under the chin, underarm bulges, inner thighs, and back fat could only be effectively treated with liposuction or surgery. CoolSculpting technology has changed the … Continue reading »

Dermatologist sets the record straight on 5 common tanning myths

Published on Aug 24th, 2016 by Karen Kim, MD

As summer is coming to an end, dermatologist Karen Kim of SkinCare Physicians sets the record straight on 5 common tanning myths that she has heard too many times in the past few months. Myth #1: “It’s healthy to have a base tan to prevent burns” Tanning of any kind means there has been damage to the skin. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. Myth #2: “I need to get my Vitamin D and the sun is the best way to get it” Vitamin D can be obtained through nutrition such as milk, fortified orange juice, salmon, … Continue reading »

Beware of these dry skin spots that don’t go away!

Published on Nov 12th, 2015 by Karen Kim, MD

Now that summer tans are gone, people may be noticing scattered dry, scaly pink spots that don’t go away completely or reappear in the same location. These stubborn dry spots, called actinic keratoses, are a sign of chronic sun damage. They have a chance of turning into a skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma in the future. Fortunately, there are multiple, effective ways to treat actinic keratosis, all available at our dermatology practice near Boston. Prone to developing actinic keratosis? Actinic keratosis tend to occur in areas exposed to the sun such as the face, arms, legs, scalp (in men … Continue reading »

Why is my hair falling out?

Published on May 21st, 2015 by Karen Kim, MD

Patients at SkinCare Physicians ask from time to time about hair loss. First of all, no need to panic if you see some hair fall out. It is normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day. However, there are times when more hair falls out at a faster rate. Here are some of the frequent causes of hair thinning and ways our dermatologists can help patients in the Boston area. Major life event Telogen effluvium is a condition in which diffuse hair loss occurs about three months after a major life event such as getting married, giving birth to a baby, undergoing … Continue reading »

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