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SkinCare Physicians’ Predictions for 2020

Published on Feb 6th, 2020 by Kenneth Arndt

SkinCare Physicians' predictions for 2020It’s a brand new decade, and SkinCare Physicians is ready for it! We have learned much in the last 20 years to position us at the forefront of the industry into the next 20 and beyond. Our board-certified dermatologists and directors continue to be leaders in research and practice management, so we polled them to see what they think will be trending for dermatology in 2020. Here’s what they predicted:


We currently offer two highly effective cellulite treatments, Cellfina and Sculptra. SCP was the original developer of the Cellfina technology, and in 2019 we spearheaded two additional cellulite clinical trials, and were involved with a third procedure that will soon be coming to the market. We predict that as more patients learn about these treatments and how effective they are for most types of cellulite, these will become extremely sought after. SkinCare Physicians will continue to be the world leader in cellulite research and treatment. – Dr. Michael Kaminer

Muscle Toning

We have seen muscle toning and muscle strengthening rising as one of the most exciting new areas in dermatology and aesthetic medicine in 2019. Muscle toning uses either electromagnetic stimulation or direct current stimulation to tone and strengthen muscles of the abdomen, thighs, calves and arms. We predict a significant impact of the muscle toning devices on the body contouring market. In 2020 we will learn just how effective these devices are, the best way to perform the treatment, and the best ways to optimize and maintain results. Will also learn more about maintaining muscle tone and mass as our patients age. Stay tuned! – Dr. Jeffrey Dover

Natural look

In 2020, there will be an increased emphasis on the conservative use of fillers and neurotoxins to achieve a more natural look. Using fillers to restore contour rather than creating bulk or volume, combined with a less aggressive neurotoxin approach, brings about a more rested, evenly contoured, and attractive appearance rather than a “frozen” look. – Dr. Kenneth Arndt


Bimekizumab is likely to be the next biologic approved for the treatment of psoriasis, and will offer extraordinary results that will rival even the most effective currently available therapies. – Dr. Jeffrey Sobell

Atopic Dermatitis

While the FDA recently granted fast track designation to the investigational biologic agent lebrikizumab, the bigger story will be the arrival of oral small molecules to treat atopic dermatitis. There are several promising pills under investigation for the disease including abrocitinib, baricitinib and upadacitinib. – Dr. Jeffrey Sobell

CBD in Skin Care

As CBD becomes more mainstream in a variety of potential applications, we see a growing interest for its use skin care products. While there are some preliminary trials that demonstrate some efficacy in restoring the skin’s barrier function in inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, large-scale clinical trials have yet to be performed. Despite this lack of data, commercial formulations of topical CBD produces are increasingly marketed to dermatology patients. These products are not standardized with regard to the amount of active ingredients, and efficacy and safety data is lacking. In addition, many topical CBD products are formulated with a variety of other ingredients that have been poorly studied and which may carry the risk of allergy. Interest remains high on these biologically active ingredients, and we will keep you apprised as new data become available. – Dr. Robin Travers


Custom skincare will be a huge trend in 2020. Patients want skincare regimens that suit their skin type, address their concerns and complement the cosmetic treatments they receive. They will expect the dermatologists, nurses and aestheticians who care for them to design personalized regimens that maintain procedures’ results and improve their overall skin health. – Beth Hartigan, Sr. Dir. of Operations and Aesthetics

Neck and Chest

We’re predicting an increased focus on the neck and chest this year. When we talk about applying skin care products, we tell patients to bring the product they apply to the face down to their neck. However, there are some exciting new products on the market that are specifically formulated for the neck and chest. For example, while we want to maintain and restore volume in the face, patients don’t want to add volume to the neck. These targeted neck and chest products address those areas differently and more effectively. – Dr. Laurel Morton

Provider Landscape

Many non-physicians have entered into the market of providing cosmetic services to patients. The trend will continue in 2020. Unfortunately there are no national standards or oversight organizations that provide information for patients to help them make an informed decision on the safety and quality of the care they may receive at these facilities without a board-certified dermatologist on-site. We urge you to ask key questions before putting your skin, face and health into a non-physician’s hands: Training, oversight, cleanliness, emergency procedures …the list is long and extremely important. Now more than ever, do your homework – your appearance and safety depend upon it. – Christine Foley, Chief Operating Officer

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